garyseven's Journal

Rachel Ann Davis, esq
14 April
If you interfere with me, with what I have to do down here, you'll change history. You'll destroy the earth--and probably yourselves as well.

Nah, I'm just screwing with you. Interfere away. 's your planet, monkey boy.

Writer, graphic designer, admirer of handsome lads in kilts. Occasional consumer of Guinness' liquid cure-all. Fictional astroturf entity, frisky kitten, imaginary friend, you name it. A character in a movie that never got made, and now must wander the earth.

I have now had this LJ for like seven years and used it about seven times. Fitting.

adult swim, air hockey, alfred hitchcock, andy richter, anna deforge, archaeology, arnold stang, audrey horne, bathtub gin, being fictional, bert jansch, bob newhart, brian wilson, buck henry, cameron crowe, carl jung, carl reiner, carol burnett, carole lombard, cary grant, charles nelson reilly, cherry pop tarts, chet baker, christine jorgensen, cole porter, connie chung, cooper minis, costume design, david bowie, dawn french, disneyland, don knotts, don marquis, donny osmond, dorothy parker, dr. who, dramatis personae, ed wood, eddie izzard, enabling my local transgirl, ernst lubitsch, fannie flagg, fred "rerun" berry, fred astaire, gavin lambert, george clooney, george mcgovern, getting away with it, ghoulardi, harvey birdman, hot tamales, howard morris, hugh laurie, iggy pop, irving berlin, jeffrey jones, jennifer saunders, joe jackson, john cameron mitchell, john hughes, johnny depp, jonathan winters, jose chung, joseph campbell, kaptain kool& the kongs, kate bornstein, keats, kit kelley, klee, lawrence tribe, legos, leslie feinberg, lord byron, m. c. brennan, marilyn monroe, marion davies, mary tyler moore, match game, mel tillis' balls, men in eyeliner, microcellular biology, montgomery clift, my chemical romance, mythology, nanotechology, nick and nora charles, nick hornby, niels bohr, night of the comet, noel coward, obsessively thrift shopping, oscar the grouch, oscar wilde, patrick mcgoohan, paul reubens, pee wee herman, phantom of the paradise, pink lady and jeff, plastic bertrand, preston sturges, pretty in pink, rock and fucking roll, rocky horror, rodney allen rippy, rowan atkinson, roy orbison, rushmore, saddle shoes, screenwriting, shakespeare, sid caesar, simon bar sinister, sinatra, slade, space mountain, sparks, stephen fry, steven dietz, stevie wonder, tempest (the video game), the 40s, the 50s, the avengers, the grifters, the haunted mansion, the left banke, the mills brothers, the misfits, the monkees, the prisoner, the raincoats, tim burton, tom stoppard, tony bennett, tron, tula, underdog, unification physics, velvet goldmine, venture bros, wallace and ladmo, wang chung, weird al yankovic, wes anderson, western bacon cheeseburgers, will eno, woody allen, writing